OK, so blogging is all new fangled to me.  But I’m determined to keep you updated on my HR travels and important changes to employment legislation to make sure that you’re up to date and equipped for the people matters in your business.

This first post concentrates on the value of HR which fundamentally is a money saver for any business that employs its key resource, PEOPLE, who make it work, make the stuff you sell or deliver the service you need to make your business or organisation a success.  Great quality HR support will, in the long run, mean reduced employee costs if or when things go wrong.

My job is to support you from close 1:1 support through to less detailed guidance or a balance and check depending on where you are with your people management experience or confidence.  And let’s not forget that it’s also my job to get you from A-Z and the right outcome for your business whilst taking into account potential risks and benefits of your preferred route.  From recruitment, interviewing, contracts, changes, parental advice, policy, redundancy, training, disciplinary, grievance or Christmas Parties…the HR road is varied and challenging.

In short, I’m here for the journey with you.  Very excited about having you along for this ride and look forward to blogging again soon!