60 for 60 – Limited Offer!


After listening to you, we’ve come up with a really effective option for you to access regular HR support for a lower fixed amount each month. Designed specifically with our unique clients in mind, giving you an affordable monthly package of regular people support and employment law advice Brilliant things included: - Review of [...]

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Awkward Appointments – Maybe Baby? And a FREE DOCUMENT to help you…


Imagine the scene, you have set up an important meeting or job that has taken MONTHS to sort out so that all parties can get together on the right date.  Your key employee though, hast just asked you for that time off so he can go with his partner to an antenatal appointment.  What’s the [...]

Awkward Appointments – Maybe Baby? And a FREE DOCUMENT to help you…2018-09-11T16:53:44+01:00

Absence due to mental ill health is on the rise – What you can do…


Absence due to mental ill-health is on the rise The numbers In a survey undertaken by the British Chambers of Commerce and Aviva, 30% of businesses surveyed by said they had seen an increase in the number of employees affected by mental health issues. To manage and improve this statistic, put simply, more needs to [...]

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Term Time Only Holiday Pay – Reconsider the 12.07% roll up?


Term Time Workers/Employees and Holiday Pay – begin to consider the the 12.07% roll up  in light of case law ruling in August 2018. A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case has provided guidance about the way in which schools and other organisations such as nurseries and play groups who use term time only working patterns [...]

Term Time Only Holiday Pay – Reconsider the 12.07% roll up?2018-08-10T16:26:08+01:00

5 Reasons to Invest in Staff Training


As headlines report of an impending UK skills shortage, we look at why it is so important to set aside a little something in the budget for your own staff development and training. We know smaller businesses can fear investment in training, the cost can be difficult to justify but in reality, spending a little on training is [...]

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Fit Notes – The Basics


Our lovely clients regularly ask us for support on managing sickness and absence and more recently we have been asked for support with the management of Fit Notes and how to provide adjustments where this is recommended as part of the fit note advice. To help, we have produced a Fit Note Fact Sheet, providing [...]

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Free Training for Cumbrian Businesses!


Currently, there is funding available via The Edge funding stream in Cumbria for FREE Institute of Leadership and Management Level qualifications at both Level 3 and 5. Businesses with less than 249 employees based in Cumbria are eligible for the FREE level 3 qualification Businesses with less than 49 employees based in Cumbria are eligible [...]

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Zero Hours Contracts May 2015 – Davidson HR


There have been two key changes to employment law with effect from 26th May 2015 regarding zero hour contacts and national minimum wage.  These are enforced under The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015. MINIMUM WAGE If minimum wage is breached, the maximum financial penalty has increased to £20,000 per worker. ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS [...]

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HR Blogging – Hello World


OK, so blogging is all new fangled to me.  But I'm determined to keep you updated on my HR travels and important changes to employment legislation to make sure that you're up to date and equipped for the people matters in your business. This first post concentrates on the value of HR which fundamentally is [...]

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